CA INTERMEDIATE GROUPS SELECTION: Should I opt for single group or both groups?

Have you cleared your CA FOUNDATION exam? oh, congratulations, if you did so! You took one step closer to your destination but remember, it’s only the first step, you need a lot of dedication. CA INTERMEDIATE GROUPS SELECTION .

If CA FOUNDATION was too easy, then letting you know CA INTERMEDIATE isn’t. You may be from the CA FOUNDATION route or may be from the Direct Entry route, the amount of determination, and dedication required will be equal for both types of students.

Clearing CA INTERMEDIATE will tag you as HALF CA and clearing the FINAL EXAMINATION will lead to a proper CA tag, the most important SIGNING AUTHORITY.

See, the syllabus of CA INTERMEDIATE is vast, if am saying vast, then actually it means vast. You can’t take it lightly and don’t underestimate or overestimate yourself. I have seen a topper failing the exam, who scored in the 90s in 10th or 12th, and a student clearing the exams who got 60s in 10th or 12th.

I have already discussed the subject-wise strategy for clearing the CA INTERMEDIATE examination in my previous article. You can read that by tapping here. Although, the article can assist you only, or we can say, can just guide you, the end determination and execution are in your hands only.



  1. Accountancy
  2. Corporate and other laws
  3. Cost and management accouting
  4. Taxation
  5. Advance Accounting
  6. Audit and Assurance
  7. EIS & SM
  8. FM & ECO


  1. Accountancy
  2. Corporate and other Laws
  3. Taxation
  4. Costing
  5. Audit and Assurance
  6. Financial Management and Strategic Management

The two most theoretical and boring subjects have been eliminated from the NEW SYLLABUS of CA INTERMEDIATE, but it must be noted that still, the syllabus difficulty is the same.

Single Group or Both Groups?

Let’s talk about the question of whether I should opt for a single group or both groups.

So see, the option for choosing a single group or both groups depends from person to person, and circumstance to circumstance. It’s not a hard, and fast rule, that you can apply, and select the right option for yourself.

I will make sure, you clear all your doubts and then decide to opt for Single or Both.

Let’s talk about SINGLE GROUP ONLY FIRST. So, a Single group means, either you are giving Group 1 only, or you are going for Group 2 only. Single groups results that, you have 3 subjects to be appeared for (As per new scheme), and you have 9 months for the preparation for the same, and on the other hand, you have 4-5 months for the preparation for the other group. (Provided you clear the group at the first attempt).

The positive sign is that Single groups don’t put that much study pressure on you, and you can complete your syllabus with ease. The other advantage of the same is that the passing percentage for a single group is almost double that of both groups. (May differ too).

Suppose, 100 are appearing for a single group, then 18-20 will be PASSED, on the other side, if 100 are appearing for both groups, then only 8-10 will get passed.

Some students think that opting for a single group will delay our CA JOURNEY for 6 months, but one thing you must keep in mind is that the results matter. The sign of yours after becoming CA doesn’t showcase your number of attempts. Becoming a CA is important, not when you become one.

Some students can face study pressure, but not all are the same right?. Challenging yourself is important, but over-challenging and crossing the limits isn’t right. One must understand how much one can study in a day, and how much study pressure one can face.

In short, if you can’t burden yourself, if you are okay with delaying the journey for 6 months, then for sure attempting a single group is much more beneficial. Because, clearing a single group is far better than, attempting both, and failing both. Because only 8-10% will pass both groups, and it’s a fact.

Let’s talk about appearing for BOTH GROUPS now! Both groups include appearing for Group 1, as well as, Group 2 too. The one appearing for both groups, needs a lot of dedication, and concentration, throughout the study period. Only concentration doesn’t matter here actually, your retention power should be strong enough, because the syllabus is too much, and the BOARD asks very minute things.

Both groups, don’t only test your retention power, but to test your patience, and your level, how much you can stress yourself. Because, there can be a time, when you may think to switch to a single group only, rather than appearing for both groups.

Both groups, where add study pressure, but save your precious 6 months, and benefit you with a set-off advantage, which is very crucial in CA EXAMINATION, because most of the aspirant fails with the aggregate only. Like they may get stuck at 193/180/194 etc.

The set-off advantage can be understood in the following way, if you have scored 220 in Group 1 (As per the old Scheme) and 182 in Group 2, in this situation, if you have appeared for the single-single group, then G1 will be cleared, but not the G2. on the other hand, if you had appeared for both the groups, the average will be 201, which is enough to get you clear.


  • Single Groups don’t put study pressure, Both Groups do put
  • The passing percentage of the Single Group is double that of both groups
  • Set-off advantage is available in both groups, not in a single group
  • Both Groups save your 6 months, but single groups don’t

I hope, the article is beneficial enough, and I hope your CA INTERMEDIATE GROUPS SELECTION doubt has been cleared. I request you too to make a right choice for yourself and do not choose the same in peer pressure. It’s a fact that, not everyone appearing for both groups will clear CA INTERMEDIATE, out of 100, only 8-10 will pass, so you must think yourself, if you are capable enough to be included in that 8-10. But make sure, don’t underestimate yourself, if you want then everything can happen, even I cleared my CA INTERMEDIATE by appearing for both groups and I scored 442 as total score.



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