Wassup guys? In this article I would like to assist you guys in “How to clear CA INTERMEDIATE“. Making this assure, this article will only assist you the ways which must be implemented by you effectively to get the desired results, and the hard-work and determination at your end are indeed important.

We all know entering CA INTERMEDIATE welcomes a lot of stress, and much more importantly a reason to work hard consistently. One has to be consistent throughout the period of study, ‘from starting to the end of the examinations’. A day you missed without backing it up the next day, will cost you around 4-5 marks, and in CA, every mark is important. You must understand the importance of each mark.

Most of you guys have cleared CA FOUNDATION or maybe you could be from the DIRECT ENTRY route, so the maturity level would be there to understand the importance of this exam. You cannot take CA INTERMEDIATE lightly, you have to boost up yourself with each passing time.

I have been asked a lot of questions regarding INTERMEDIATE, so will try to cover max of them in this article.

How many hours I should study in CA INTERMEDIATE?

If you are talking about guidance, and you have not been asked this question, then it’s a school of thought. How many hours I should study in CA INTERMEDIATE is the foremost question that pops up in the mind of every CA ASPIRANT.

The simple answer is for a Single Group at least 8-10 hours a day and for both groups, 13-14 hours at least or your daily study target (whichever is earlier) to proceed in CA EXAMINATIONs without much fear of failure. See, it’s a fact that a student can’t study for the whole day, so this would be the estimated time by my side, but may differ from person to person, and circumstance to circumstance.

In CA, time is important, if you are respecting your time, then trust me, it will definitely pay you back.

Is it hard to clear CA INTERMEDIATE?

Talking about the difficulty level of this examination, CA EXAMINATIONS are the one of the most toughest examinations in INDIA, So definitely It would be hard. But, you can’t simply skip attempting the exam just because you can’t study hard. If you are consistent, then definitely It would be easy for you to clear the examination.

Many have cleared CA INTERMEDIATE, so you can’t just comment that you can’t do it. You can do it, but under-confidence and overconfidence in these exams can be the reason for your failure. Because, One bad exam among the 4, can force you to give all four next time. So you have to maintain your mental level the same throughout the exams, and you can’t underestimate any one exam.

Do luck factor is there in CA EXAMINATIONS?

I would say, Yes! The luck factor is there and you can’t deny that fact. There can be a luck factor at any stage. Be it you got the perfect teacher for you and you understood all the concepts very deeply, or be it the checker of your answer sheet got a good or bad mood, which at some point, affected your marks.

There are some cases of grace marks too when you wrote well but not as expected by the ICAI, but you still got the marks, or there can be cases when your answer is right but no marks have been awarded for the same.

How many revisions are sufficient to clear CA INTERMEDIATE?

There isn’t any hard and fast rule that you need this many revisions to clear CA INTERMEDIATE. But on average, every student at least needs 3-4 revisions before attempting CA INTERMEDIATE exams. You may need more or less as per your preparations and retention power, but yeah 3/4 is an average count.

How to avoid distractions during CA INTERMEDIATE?

See, distractions may vary from person to person, it may be an attraction for someone or maybe a device operation for others. It’s a fact that you can’t clear CA INTERMEDIATE with tons of distractions you have to avoid every possible distraction.

If the distraction is your partner, then simply say him/her to wait for some time and give him/her a specific time to talk. A real and understanding partner will understand for sure, and if one is not understanding then for sure he/she isn’t a perfect fit for you.

If the distraction is your phone, then you can turn on FOCUS MODE, or can install the OFFLINE application, or you can install the YEOLPUMTA application. You can even keep your phone in some place that could be locked, or any other possible way.

See if you want to achieve something then there should not be an excuse, rather you must train yourself to overcome everything at your end.

By when our syllabus must get completed?

See, If I say about me, I have completed my G2 classes by 15th march, which is 1.5 months before my Exams, and then revised both G1 and G2. So, I guess syllabus completion depends from person to person, but if your syllabus is getting completed 2-3 months before examinations, then you are good to go. I will be telling about my journey of a comeback after a failure in my first attempt in some other article.

I will be adding the link here once it gets uploaded: CLICK HERE

Subject wise Strategy for CA INTERMEDIATE

The subject-wise strategy will also be uploaded in another article, as I don’t want to make it crisp. I will make a detailed article on the subject-wise strategy for you to answer your question “How to clear CA INTERMEDIATE” and pass with desired results. Stay safe and study consistently throughout your study period.

I hope you have learned some of the things from this article “How to Clear CA INTERMEDIATE”! Clearing CA INTERMEDIATE isn’t very difficult if you are studying consistently. You have to say Goodbye to your excuses and have to revise daily whatever has been taught to you. If you want to contact me then you can contact through Linked-in Profile. If you want to add any of your views kindly comment down.


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