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I understand you’re interested in Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film “Dunki” and possibly looking for a download link. However, I cannot provide information or links that promote the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. Piracy not only deprives creators of their rightful revenue but also puts viewers at risk of malware and viruses.

Here are some legal ways to watch “Dunki” when it releases on December 21st, 2023:

  • Theatrical release: Head to your local cinema and experience the film on the big screen. This is the best way to support the filmmakers and enjoy the movie in its intended format.
  • Video-on-demand platforms: After its theatrical run, “Dunki” is likely to be available for purchase or rental on major VOD platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, etc. Keep an eye out for official announcements from the film’s distributors.
  • Official streaming services: Several Indian streaming services like JioCinema, Eros Now, Zee5, etc., acquire rights to Bollywood films. “Dunki” might become available on one of these platforms after its theatrical window expires.

Instead of searching for illegal downloads, consider exploring these legal options to enjoy “Dunki” responsibly and safely. Remember, piracy hurts the film industry and puts your device at risk. Let’s appreciate cinema by supporting its creators through authorized channels.

In addition to the above, you could also write an article about “Dunki” that focuses on its story, cast, director, or its potential impact on Bollywood. This would provide valuable information and insights for fans without promoting illegal activity.

I hope this helps! Enjoy “Dunki” responsibly and legally!

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