Multi-perspectivity Thinking: An Art of kindness

      M for one can be W for the other


Yes, Today we are enlightening the topic: Multi-perspective thinking.

➤Is being single prospective worth it?

➤Am I mature enough that I can easily comment for the right one?

➤Am I doing the same in my senses or not?

Question yourself the same before finalizing your Answer

What we guys do is, we are so much into the core works that we do comment on someone or someone’s situation so easily, that we never think what impacts can be there for the same.

Even if there are 2 sides to a coin, we can see only one side at a point in time, & for the other side we have to flip the coin,

but we are too engaged in admiring the only side and we never flip the coin

Commenting is easy but It’s not easy to listen the same for sure. Started the routine by stepping outside the world, the one thing most people do is Comment.


I was Scrolling through INSTAGRAM, and there I saw a reel, ( That reel is there on my Instagram Highlights – You can Click Here to Visit that ),

In which a Small PENGUIN was floating on an iceberg and that iceberg was being separated from the main one slowly.

There are two perspectives here: 

1) The first one, which might come to most of the minds after seeing the video, “Thanking god that the Penguin made the jump at the right time.”

2) The Second perspective was there, with people thinking that penguins can easily swim through water, then what was the need for that jump?

➤People with a first point mindset had never thought the same or might have thought already that the PENGUIN is too small to take a swim in that cold water.

On the other side, people with a second-point mindset might be laughing that the penguin did silly things after making a jump,

instead could swim easily because of their abilities but they never thought about the Age factor.

What can we conclude here? One cannot be right every time. A situation thought to be feasible for one cannot be for the other.

Commenting easily without thinking from both angles is foolishness, as there are various other factors, which might come to your mind afterward. They could contradict your first point of view.

Before going to the way of how to think from both perspectives, Let’s have a look at the reasons why people never see the other one.



As already discussed, being so busy, makes people have no time to check the other ones. The basic thought which came first wins the race and the second one is not given any importance.


People tend to find those thoughts well enough, which confirms their existing beliefs. No one wants to debate nowadays for the right decision, which becomes the main reason for this.


Peer pressure is a vast topic and will be discussed in detail in our upcoming posts, and peer pressure is also an important factor/reason as people tend to follow with the crowd instead of making a self-made conclusive decision.


The fear of humiliation is another factor that makes a person think from other perspectives because today people are busy at work but are not commenting. Anyhow they fill find some way from their so-called busy schedule to comment.


Well, you already knew the answer, that is working on the reasons.

The work on the causes of any situation will make the Answer the same. Also, one more answer can be given, which is Complexity.

Try to imagine all the consequences before making a step, create two different characters in your mind. Make a view in both characters which contradicts themselves.

Now after creating those, make all possible Ifs and buts in each mindset and then conclude which one is having more positive ones.

The POVs can be more than two depending on the situation and that also can be solved by this strategy.

You are reading: Multi-perspective thinking

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