How to Maintain Balance Between Work and Life

Work-life balance

If you are wondering how to maintain a balance between work and life, then you are at the right place, in this article we will be learning about how to maintain a balance between work and life.


Joe: Hey God! why my life is so miserable?

Priest: Listen, Joe, it’s not miserable, it’s just messed up, and just have to schedule your priorities.

Joe: Am sorry, but I didn’t understand! 

Priest: Ok wait! Read the article below…

Hey, Guys you also know that Today is the 21st century going on, and working in today’s era is a must, but just for your kind information, 

only work is not good for health. Health here means, physical as well as psychological effects. 

Technological development (AI) has made employment much harder than before. 

Our society is having a mindset that if a person is placed in a good company or has a good business then he must be living a peaceful life but they must know everything is having an opportunity cost. 

If he is being paid well then he must be sacrificing a lot of dreams for that also. 

Working hard is good but working smart is Awesome.

If one would get rich by working hard then laborers must be billionaires but the fact is that they are not. 

All should and even have to maintain a work-life balance to live a Stress-free life. 


       Maslow's hierarchy theory

The above pyramid partly shows the importance of work-life balance as you must have to fulfill your

 basic needs before you go for gaining energy or utilizing time to meet your self-actualization needs. 

Here are some ways of doing that:


One must know what type of person one is. An early bird or a night owl?. 

If one is an early bird then highly concentrate on tough tasks during the morning and easy ones at night and if one is a night owl then try to concentrate on tough tasks at night. 


A healthy work area is much important. It must be there from your home to the place where you study or do your job. 

Try to change your workplace and find the best place for you as it will help you to give your best in that particular work. 

Usually what people do is, they sit in one place from starting and never try to experience new places. 

No one knows, there can be a place where you can give your level best and can perform better than your present performance. 


A break is a much necessary point. The pressure of completing a task usually force a person to continue work for a long period. 

Long sitting without break is good for your work but not for your health, so a break is important. 

One can follow the 60-10 Strategy where one can spend 60 minutes at work and give 10 minutes for rest. 


Giving time to yourself is one of the most difficult tasks in today’s era. 

You must try to give at least 10-15 effective minutes to yourself so that your mind gets the time to refresh. 

Most of us have read about the subconscious mind. 

The power of which is unknown to most of us. ( Please let me know in the comment section if you want an article on the POWER OF SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.) 

The subconscious mind is active about 90% at night, so, self-talk at night is the best therapy for a person.

Hey, hoping that you grasped a good piece of information on the topic: How to maintain a balance between work and life. 

I wish that you will work on the points stated above and will try your best to maintain a good work-life balance. 

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