What will people think: A stereotype thinking

The most dreadful thought we all generally have in our minds is, what will people think. Humans are social animals, but only better if they are good social animals only, as even now, animals are way more trustworthy than humans.

We tend to consider how others might perceive us or our actions. People in today’s generation are more focused on the thought that “what will people think”, But they never thought about what they would do! Everyone in humankind, at least once, got this thought crossing their minds.

In any Situation might be you will be thinking about what to do, what the person beside me will be thinking about me, and the same person will have the same thought. You know what, Life is too short to make a thought over this topic. Imagine, you and one other person are standing at a point, and there is garbage in front of you. You both are thinking, about what the other person will think of it, “If I am a garbage picker”. On the other hand, a third one, who pops out of nowhere, comes and picks it up, and you both just smiled. He didn’t care what you guys will think, whether good or bad.

It can be a matter of thought, to do a wrong work, but it must not be a matter of thinking about what others will think of a new work or in an initiative to do any work. Because there is a famous line, “Rather than following a person, be an inspiration for someone”.

what people will think

In a recent case, In Delhi, A girl got stabbed to death by her boyfriend, just because she was ignoring him, and the boy didn’t even feel any regret. The boy hit her many times, but the people around them didn’t even make a single thought to save that girl, even when they knew they could have saved her by going in a group. I recently added the same as my Instagram story, and I received a reply from one of my followers, that He was having a knife in his hands, why bro? Why can’t you 5-6 people can save her from a person having a knife?

I don’t think, it’s that much difficult to make a move to save someone from dying, what If you were having your Mother/sister/ Female friend, or anybody else, in that situation? You would have thought the same; the guy is having a knife, let’s not save.

You know what; this society is good at making comments, rather than actions. Your one step can make them comment for a while but they would never be able to make comments for their whole life. A situation will be in someone’s mind for a moment, or for some days or weeks, but not later. So better do your own thing, and make a move of whatever you want to do.

It’s important to note that people’s presumptions about what others will think are not always accurate. We may sometimes project our thoughts and opinions onto others, assuming that they share the same perspective. However, everyone has unique thoughts, beliefs, and values, so it’s impossible to accurately predict what someone else will think or feel in any given situation.

It’s crucial to maintain open-mindedness and recognize that individuals’ thoughts and opinions can differ greatly. Rather than making assumptions about what others will think, it is often more helpful to engage in open and respectful communication to better understand their perspectives and foster meaningful connections.

It’s also a request that, you are to a person for someone, so better before making any comment on someone, either ignore the same or don’t make it, as you might be facing the same situation at any point in time in your life.

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