How to be organized in Life?

A question was asked me that how to be organized in life. Before jumping into the answer from my perspective, let me have your views on it. 

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Being organized is a mountain climbing task for most of us; if someone is questioning girls also? 


Yes, they also we are not sticking our thoughts to the organized room or any place; we are also covering up the organized mind. 


It’s a fact girls have an upper edge in both cases, whether we take organized physical things or mentally organized.


For instance, in a self-tested survey questioning whose mind is much un-organized, we found a surprising thing,


with over 300 random votes, and the result came out to be 50%. Fifty percent of people polled boys, and 50 percent polled girls.


So, we should not leave any doubt in mind if girls are also somewhat unorganized.

Unorganized Room


Does an un-organized room, do even state one’s state of mind? However, there can be plenty of reasons to be unorganized.

The most common two reasons are either being super busy or being too lazy to keep things in place. 


Again, the same question, “Does it even matter? “ The answer can be yes or no on the other side of the coin.


Some people believe that being in a messy room gives a good time to focus on the important stuff, either in study or office work; also, the same guys and girls 

face complexity finding the important things at the last times. 


However, people with a clean room never or rarely face the issue of time loss in finding pieces of stuff at the moment.


Unorganized room vs Un-tidy room


Here, the messy room is the one in which things are not placed well, not the one which is not clean and properly dusted.


A dusted room is a must, and no one should ever compromise on the cleanliness of the room as it prevents various diseases and severe issues which may originate from a room full of dirt.


The next question comes to light: How to maintain a clean room. See, there can be two approaches for the same,


either you clean your room daily and maintain the cleanliness whenever you enter the room, which is a bit time-consuming. 


Furthermore, one may do is to fix a day or a time to properly arrange things in one place, which may be the most preferred approach by most of us.


Organized Mind:


An organized mind is a must, and no one shall compromise with it. However, there might be a thought that an unorganized room might be a much better option than an organized one,


but dude, there is no option in an organized mind; you have to focus on organizing your mind. 


For some time, one can evenly live in an unorganized room, but a person with an unorganized mind can rarely stand in this world.


Organization in today’s world is a condition, not an option, which boosts your decision-making power, skills, and speed at the same time. 


With the same, the productivity and the creativity of the mind get furnished and navigate a person to live a happy life somewhat.


  Organized mind at different stages of Life:


STUDENTS: All know, being organized in student life is challenging and important. 


The organization boosts the students’ learning power, and it also assists in grasping new topics quickly to them. 


The stressed life of a student from being in a school or college and then Institute or tuition classes and the homework, revision,


and many other tasks require an organized mind to balance all of it; otherwise, at this age, a child prefers the mind pleasing tasks instead of essential ones.


Office work: Everyone comments, during the school or college age, that office life is highly enjoyable, and only those who go through it know the difficulty of being in an office.


 The submission time of work, late-night shifts, orders of the boss and other tasks require a strong mind and an organized mind to balance all of the above properly.


Parenting: Parenting is highly stressful at some point in time when parents have to pay attention to their children, routine Life and professional Life.


 An Organized mind hence again steps up his importance here also.


Relationship: Everyone thinks being in a relationship is a stud life.


Very few know the meaning of being in a proper relationship, where not only the other gender but also the responsibilities join you. 


And, an un-organized mind can never maintain a successful relationship, where one has to focus on relationships and other works simultaneously.


 Hope you got the importance of an organized mind, which is indeed crucial at every stage of life, whether it be student life or college.


The next question jumps up:  

How to maintain an organized mind?


Meditation: Meditation is one of the most avoided things by most of us, but the most avoided is the most powerful. 


Meditation increases the mind’s stability and allows you to focus more conveniently. 


Meditation also opens up the doors to various questions you will get to know in upcoming blogs.


Penning-Down: Penning down is an essential strategy to organize work and the mind. 


Penning down your works initially and then completing the tasks one by one positively impacts your mind, and gradually your mind goes in the direction of being an organized mind.


Shifts: The work shifts, or small breaks during work, again increase the mind efficiency.


Following these tips properly and efficiently assists a person to step up the stairs of an organized mind. It can be challenging, but the end will be satisfying.


Hope you get a good piece of information from it on the topic “Does being organized matter” and will start working on being organized


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