How to be a Successful Person

Lets have a look on how to be a successful person.

No matter what, everyone on this planet wants to attain success. There is a famous quote 

You are born poor, that’s not your mistake. But if you Die poor, that’s solely your mistake

The statement itself defines the meaning that it’s not your mistake that you are born in a poor family because it was not in your hands but if you Die poor that’s a clear mistake from your side and you are responsible for that. 

During the time gap between your birth and death, life gives your proper time to express and develop yourself.


Most of us, wastes our time playing, gossiping and other activities, no doubt, those are important but one must understand the importance of time. There must be a balance between your leisure and work hours.

Work hours don’t mean only your Job hours. 

Work hours here mean learning from every moment of life and then implementing that learning in your upcoming life because every moment of your life is a task and a work at the same time.

It’s a religious belief that one must start dreaming at the age of 9-10 about his aims and should start work on them. 

If you are having an excuse that the mind is not developed till that age, then it must be your duty to let it be developed. 

Give the child practical exposure from the early stage of his life, so that he can experience life.

➤ Hard work v/s Necessary Hard work

SUCCESS will be achieved by hard work and hard work doesn’t mean the best of you, it means the best of what the work desires.

There is always an excuse that I did my best but still, I didn’t achieve that task, but one must understand, You did your best, but you haven’t done that hard work which was truly needed to accomplish that task, and here is what most of the people lacks.

➤ Wrong chase

Another reason why people don’t get what they desired is selecting the wrong field. one works-works and works but still lacks and the reason is, you are chasing the wrong things. If you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones will catch you.

➤ Determination & procrastination

Determination towards the task is must needed. You cannot procrastinate your work every time and if you do then Success will also be procrastinated till that time.

You need a continuous and determined walk towards your success to get the best results.

➤ Learning from the mistakes

Mistakes. We are humans, we do make mistakes and it’s a universal truth that no one can live here without committing a single mistake, but what next? 

You did, It’s Gone. But the lesson must always circulate in your mind and that mistake not be held again.

➤ Stepping out of the comfort zone

Comfort zone: Comfort zone is another reason for the same. Upgrading yourself, a mindset to develop yourself with every second must be there. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone is a must to experience life and face real-life challenges. You may fall at first but the chase will gonna be amazing afterward.

➤ Never Give up Attitude

TRY-TRY: You might have listened to this word earlier in my posts also right? Yes, Try try but don’t cry is old but it’s gold. 

Containing deep meaning inside these 5 words can give you a boost towards your aim. Failure is an obstacle but not the end. So try and give your best. It’s Give the BEST not Give your BEST.

All the points above are stated contain a vast theory in themselves that cannot be explained in a single article. 

Have covered all the points in my previous blogs, so you can have a look at them. Links are provided at the end of this article.


The solutions are already discussed for reasons itself that is:-

1. Give the best. Not yours, instead what is needed

2. Never procrastinate core works

3. Select the right field.

4. Learn from your mistakes

5. Step out of your comfort zone

6. Never give up. Try-try and keep trying always.


I hope, you get a good piece of information from the article, however, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but yes you are having an upper edge over others if you do follow the points stated above. 

Wishing each and every one of you the best of luck and do try hard at every stage of life, never give up or feel demotivated. 

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