What is Procrastination? How do overcome it?

 | You May Delay, But Time Will Not.

Querying what is procrastination and what some ways to overcome it? This post will answer you.

Procrastination is an act of delaying your tasks, usually focusing on less important or easier tasks than the main ones. 

Procrastination doesn’t mean totally skipping the task; it is just delaying your work which may result in high mental pressure at the deadline. 

Hope you got your answer about what is procrastination?

It is a Human tendency that one prefers to do an unchallenging task much before a difficult one so, here it comes to the concept of procrastination. 

There are various distractions due to which one procrastinates, like social media, games, gossiping, etc. but these other reasons can also be there:



Depression is a negative vibe that changes a person’s mood.

 It’s a mental disorder that changes your mood, you start losing interest in life and start running from your problems, and in that case, a person does procrastinate.

Not knowing what to do:

Many of us do sit for work but don’t even know what we should do. 

We start thinking about the work and waste most of the time in that thinking about it.

Not in a mood to do the task:

Mood swings are common nowadays, A person, a few minutes ago with such enthusiasm to do work can convert into the laziest person another minute. 

Do let me know in the comment section, are you one of them?

Preferring last-minute hustle: 

Sometimes, you meet people who like to play with fire. The same goes here, people like to take risks and prefer last-minute hustle to procrastinate. 

Although, you can’t say that they are only taking risks because of fun, might be their efficiency does boost up during pressure.

Even though it depends on one’s mind to stop procrastinating, the following are some tips to stop procrastinating.  



Exercises are an inevitable part of our life. It’s a fact that many of us do feel exercising is boring, well it’s true, but let me correct you; exercises are not boring, the way of doing can be. 

Doing the right exercise at right time will result in the best outcomes. 


Taking a break while performing tasks is important. Break provides you the time to refresh so that you can perform the task well again.

It’s a fact that if you are doing a non-stop task and doing the same task with some effective breaks then the second technique will give you better results. 

You can try it yourself, Take a filled glass of water in your hand and now hold it. The first time you have to hold it for as much time as possible continuously and the next day you do the same activity by taking a break while holding it. Examine the results.

Obviously, you can feel that the breaks provide you the better efficiency to complete your work.


A To-do list is essential nowadays. Well, nobody is having enough time to make a separate notebook for a to-do list but you guys are having smartphones, right? 

Then why not make prime use of that. Install the to-do lists app and start noting them down.

Take baby steps: 

Taking a baby step is a must. Well, this is a vast topic, will be uploading a blog on this topic soon.

 Baby steps result in performing your task in the most effective manner so do try to take baby steps. Keep your Aim high but objectives must be specific and concrete.

Try to avoid distractions: Well, you must be laughing after reading this heading. Like if it was that much easy then you would have done it so earlier. 

But you have to dear; you have to prioritize your work. Try to turn off your notifications or uninstall / force-stop unnecessary apps for a while. 


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