How to finalize a PG: Requirements

Let’s have a look at How to finalize a PG: Requirements and checklist


Educational priority has been boosting day by day and so is the need to leave the home town/city to get quality education from a faraway place. 


Once you select the Institute/ College / University / Job/ or any other reason that if the PG Rent is high, the. However, there can be an alternative where you do live in a Relative’s house or your friend’s house but for others, a PG is a must. 


The PG stands for Paying guests where one lives in the house of others and pays for the food and other accommodations received for a specific period of time. 


The PG life is a must for a student who never lives alone as the PG life not only helps you in providing a silent environment for studies but also assists you in becoming Independent and a responsible person where one may have to wash the clothes and utensils or may have to properly organize the room himself/herself.


What Requirements I Should check before Finalizing a PG:


There are multiple things that one should check out before finalizing a PG. If a PG tick-mark all or most of the requirements stated below then one should definitely look after the PG. 


The requirements may differ from person to person but here are some basic and most essential ones…


LOCATION: The location of your PG must be as near as it can to your respective places. and also is preferable if it’s near the market and any parks. 


The distance selection may vary from person to person and the capability to walk. If one is shifting to cities like Chandigarh or Delhi then one must have RAPIDO, UBER, and OLA types daily commute apps that assist you in traveling at the best affordable rates with comfortable rides.


ROOM: The room must be clean and should be according to you. 

If you need 2 person room then it must be 2 person room and none other than you both should be allowed to live with you as it may result in conflicts of mindset. If you want to do late-night work and another one is morning bird then it may somewhat cause difficulties ( However, it depends on you guys if you are suitable for it or not )



i) INFRASTRUCTURE: The infrastructure must be according to the price paid by you it must not be of degraded quality if you are paying well for the PG. 


The beds, almirahs, and tables must be of the best quality to spend a good time there, and make sure there are curtains in your room as well.


ii) ALMIRAHS: The Almirahs must be spacious where you can comfortably fit your clothes or other accessories in it so that it does not waste much time in placing the things here and there and then find it.


iii) ACs: The Air conditioner is a must if you are finding a PG in summers and the ACs are a far more important requirement in summers. The AC bills generally are excluded from the PG rent and you have to pay the bill yourself AC.


iv) ELECTRICITY BILL: The electricity bill generally is included in the PG Rent, however, if it’s not then also it’s not a big matter of debate. but make sure if the PG Rent is high then the electricity bill must be included. 


v) FRIDGE: A fridge may or may not be there in your room and if it’s there then it’s Good.


vi) KITCHEN: Kitchen, is the most important in any PG. One should definitely put the Kitchen in the main points where one not only can make food items but also provides a place where you can wash your utensils used.


vii) LAUNDRY service: It’s good if the laundry service is present but if it’s not then you can ask for a maid to wash out your clothes and then one to iron the clothes. 


viii) WASHROOM: The washroom must be properly maintained and it must be clean with a geyser in the bathroom to bath with hot water in winters.


ix) Wifi Connection: Wi-fi is indeed important nowadays and if you are having wi-fi included in your PG rent then it’s a good choice for you 


x) Personal Space: One must be provided with the personal space as in some PGs there is an issue of a common walking area which may disturb you a lot, so you are advised to have a look at this requirement for sure.


FOOD: The food is the main priority where the food in most of the cases is do provided with the PG itself but if it’s being not then also it’s not a big deal. 


If it’s included then it’s good otherwise there are various 3rd party food providers in the locality who provide a daily meal on, the spot, payment, or payment on a monthly basis and you should wisely select the food provider.


ENVIRONMENT: The environment around your PG must be suitable for your needs. If you want to study then you should definitely check out a peaceful environment around you to concentrate on your studies.

Co-operatives Owner: The owners must be co-operative as you are new to the locality and you must need various adjustments to be done in the PG if your owners are not co-operatives then you might face some problems for sure. 


These were the requirements that one should check while selecting a PG, so after selection, now let’s take a look at the requirements that one should check while shifting to a PG.




➤ Clothes & Under-garments 

➤ Study materials 

➤ Watches & make-up materials ( girls )

➤ Oil, soaps with a soap holder, body cleanser & Hand-wash

➤ Blankets

➤ Mats, Perfumes, and trimmers ( If needed )

➤ Shoes & slippers 

➤ Polythene

➤ Waste clothes for daily cleansing purposes

➤ Laundry basket

➤ Bags and carry bags

➤ Water bottles, Scissors, Sellotape, wallets

➤ Eatables

➤ First-aids

➤ Water Campers

➤ Dustbins

➤ Towels, Brushes, and Tooth-paste

➤ Induction ( Not necessary )

➤ Umbrella and Napkins

➤ Shampoos and conditioners

➤ Stationary

➤ Bedsheets

➤ Hangers

➤ Phone & Charger ( Most Important )

➤ Utensils and utensil washer

➤ Surf for washing clothes


If your selected PG tick-mark most of the above points then you should definitely select that PG but also do negotiate for rates as the average monthly expense of PG is 11-13k each with food and approx 7k without food ( May differ ),


also, look after other vital necessaries which you need and not present in this post as the post has been created by taking views from 10-12 students and may miss some points which is a must for you.

Hence, these were the requirements for your question ‘How to finalize a PG’

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