How to overcome Fear?

Hey guys, In this article, I will be answering your question “How to overcome fear”.

So, a question hits me up, whether Fear is an obstacle to success or not? 

If we answer it with a normal mindset and without deep thinking, then we would say, Yes, It is. 

Fear doesn’t have any positive side; all it gives is negative vibes.




Fear is a mental situation in which one hesitates to perform a particular task. Often fear is considered negative energy but one must know fear is the thing that may protect us from various sensible threats. 

No doubt feeling fear is not bad but people used to feel it way higher than required and as a result, fear has mostly seemed as negative energy. 



 Fears are countless. They cannot be numbered at our fingertips. Science has given name to every type of fear. 

Like hydrophobia for fear of water, Aerophobia is named as fear of flying. A person can feel fear from even a small insect and also the same person does not even fear facing a lion.

 It’s all about what exactly is sitting in your brain.




Fear is a psychological phenomenon and overcoming fear is just based on your attitude and your confidence.

First of all, one should analyze why he is feeling fear of that particular thing?

  • Does he is afraid of consequences?
  • Or has he had any bad experiences in past?
  • Or he is just afraid because he had listened to anything bad about that particular thing.


A thing one must learn is that you should not be afraid of anything until or unless you have not tried it (Possible cases only). 

Suppose one is facing hydrophobia because he has seen the news that one person has died by drowning in water, 

he should try to understand, and that situation is always not the same for all. Going in the water himself can be a great experience for him. 


Dealing with your fear directly will not only help you to overcome your fear but also will give you the next level of experience which can be one of the best memories ever.

 Beating your fear will give you a great level of satisfaction. 

Sometimes it’s just our thinking that we can’t do a particular task without even trying that task and that is the point where one slips from the ladder of success. 


Before trying to confront your fear, do the following steps 

  • Sit and think about why that fear is disturbing you.
  • Try to talk with those field experts. 
  • Remember your long-term goal and that fear is an obstacle between you and your success
  • Appreciate yourself that you are going to face your fear
  • Most important – leave it what others think. Let them think about what they want because in the end success matters and no one will speak if you are successful.


Just be confident and try that task. If you are successful then congratulate you have overcome your fear and if you failed then congratulate you learned a lesson and now retry. 

Just think na, what can even happen if you fail? Failure gives you lessons and a collection of lessons makes a person successful. 

I don’t say that don’t do anything and get fail, all you need to do is work hard, work damn hard, give your best but only in those activities which are important.

 Start prioritizing the works which are important in life and start working on them.


A request to everyone, If you are seeing someone, facing any kind of fear, then please do help him out, because maybe your guidance can help he/she to get rid of a fear which can change one’s life.

 Your one step in life can make the life of someone else, and also If you can’t help someone out to get rid of the fear, then please don’t even make fun of the fear.

 Sometimes it is not the fear that breaks someone, it’s the humiliation that affects so badly.



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