Impact of the Indian education system on children

Let’s have some talk about the impact of the Indian education system is it fine or it has been ruining the career of children for years.

My Opinion

My answer is both but giving more weight-age to the negative part of this statement. What’s the impact of the Indian education system on children?

Yes, It’s a fact that the career of children is in a dangerous situation where the students are studying for marks not for knowledge.

It lays immense stress on rote learning and the rat race.

We have been forced to cram the lessons to get the marks that serve as the basis of our future life.

Should one be judged based on marks scored? The answer can be conveyed as yes but why only marks, there are other parameters also right?

Even though marks are the outcome of knowledge gained there are other parameters like

  • last-minute pressure
  • Mental issues, and many others, for which often students are not prepared.

Thanks to our  Indian education system for prioritizing marks over knowledge. No matter how hard one studied during the whole academic session, the result will decide whether one has studied or not.

It’s a clear talk that students are not able to get desired knowledge that they must have. Even if ones get it then it gets overshadowed by the marks-based education.

Why not students are prepared for real-life situations? Who knows the answer? Before finalizing the answer let’s get into what type of real-life situations.

The most important situation is of dealing with pressure, we are not taught ”

  • How to deal with pressure
  • How one can overcome fears
  • What’s the importance of our customs and rituals
  • What’s the power of our brain”.

Our curriculum is somewhat too boring that one often starts believing reading books useless and continues it whole of his life.

We are never taught the power of the subconscious mind. Also, other learning tricks which one must know in the very early stage of one’s life but the study pressure is damn high that one often doesn’t get the time to focus on oneself.

It’s a fact from religious beliefs that children should focus on one aim at the age of 9 or 10 but we often comment that the mind is not yet developed till this age.

One thing that every teacher focuses on is ” Students do repeat this line after me” and students often feel it as an instruction and blindly repeat after the teacher without knowing the logic,

but, what if the teacher firstly tells the students about the importance of repetition in our life which is

By repeating the same line, again and again, the line goes to our subconscious mind and when a line hits your subconscious mind then it never escapes

Students are never taught the importance of Night study. Where if a student revises a work at night, then the work circulates in our subconscious mind while sleeping and results in remembering that work for a long period of time.

The problem is:- we never focus on mind development; we never let the child face real-life problems.

The Indian education system curbs the enthusiasm in the very early stages of life leading to students delivering way below their potential in later stages of careers and life.

The students are not able to get proper guidance in life and they are doing practical knowledge-giving tasks by the means of copy-paste.

It’s the result of this marks-based education that instead of enjoying their study, students are feeling it as a burden how often you can listen to the news of suicide because of low marks?

Students are brainwashed by the thought that good marks will lead to a good career. They are in no way left of thinking of anything else except marks.

What about fitness?

Even if students want to focus on them indirectly by playing outdoor games, parents are bound to restrict them from playing because

they want one to study to present his best in exams, even what they can do? If the child scores low, then society will comment and judge him.

It’s a fact that we cannot change the Indian education system but on the other side of the coin, we are having the power to develop our potential by focusing on skill-based learning. Just look beyond your textbooks.

Try to figure out your interest jump into that line and be an expert in that field. Future is skill-based rather than bookish knowledge-based.

So prepare yourself with skill and knowledge-based education.

What can be the best possible solutions:

1) Drift the study from textbooks to real-life examples

2) Put more focus on self-made examples rather than bookish ones

3) Making two-way communication much better

4) Let students explore the online field and guide them to careers at an early age in their life

5) Sex education, Respect-teaching, and students must also be taught about good touch and bad touch

6) Daily personality development classes and regular competitions to innovate their mind must transpire

“Knowledge brings humility, from humility comes worthiness, with worthiness one attains wealth, with wealth one can perform his duties in a better way; and in performing his duties one attains happiness” – Lord Krishna


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